Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cup a Cup

Here’s been euphoria for cupcakes (but I hope it’ll last). Cupcakes in for almost every occasion; kids birthday party (and adult as well), babies welcoming - and one month – celebration, companies events, not to mention wedding reception. It’s like everywhere, you can see them lining on the trays, packed in beautiful goody bags, or line up like X’mas tree.

I think maybe it’s the convenience that calls, you don’t have to mess up with knife and crumbs as when you do if you have to cut cakes into portions, and guests can hold it without getting their hands dirty. Cupcakes can also be decorated in so many ways; butter cream, chocolate ganache, icing, you name it. Count me in. For this Valentine Day – I'll follow the stream.

Recipe: NCC ( Fatmah Bahalwan)